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Local Dumps

This section describes how to run the basic AnalysisBase dataset dumper. This is the recommend workflow in almost all cases.

If you need to do something that depends on full version of Athena, such as use the ATLAS geometry service or the ATLAS magnetic field (i.e. track extrapolation, running full b-tagging, or jet reconstruction), see the advanced section.

Running locally#

After having followed the installation instructions and set up the training dataset dumper, you can invoke the executable with

dump-single-btag -c <path to configuration file> <paths to xAOD(s)>

The configuration files are located in configs/. Alongside the output.h5 output file, the userJobMetadata.json contains information about the run, including inference timing for taggers.

Inspecting Outputs#

A list of packages and tools for working with the outputs are given here.

The full job configuration is stored as an attribute in the output h5 files. You can access this in Python by running

# read config as a string from the output file
cfg_str = h5py.File("output.h5").attrs['config"]

# convert string to json object
cfg_json = json.loads(cfg_str)

# pretty print tracks config block
print(json.dumps(cfg_json["tracks"], indent=2))

Last update: March 1, 2023
Created: October 29, 2021